Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Aron Baaijens. I’m a Visual Effects Student at the Amsterdam University of Arts. I just started my third year. You can find most of my finished school projects here and my current projects here.

Before I started at the Amsterdam University of Arts I studied Graphic Design (graduated in 2014) in Rotterdam.

That’s where I met motion Graphics and the program After Effects. Soon I started to throw all my free time in making small and short video’s with nice effects and cool visuals. My final graduating assignment was to make a branding for a fictional TV festival (because I love watching TV shows) for which I also made a trailer.

After that I knew I wanted to do more in motion graphics and film. So I tried applying for the Amsterdam University of Arts, which had the best known Visual Effects program in the Netherlands.

I passed the first round after sending in all the videos I made.
In the second round I had three weeks to make a short video, with the theme “Disruption of Balance”. I decided to try 3D. Even though I didn’t know any 3D program at the time.

My future teachers liked it and I got accepted. The year that followed would teach me the principles of film. Not just Visual Effects but also the basics of directing, camera, editing, sound design, production design and production.

After a year of way to much film history, the second year I would finally get some projects where I could put all my time and energy in. Year two would contain a couple great team projects, but also some individual ones.

Year Three started with a couple workshops. I learned to rig, animate a face and sculpted another character. After the workshops we got the time to start our own projects. Some classmates and I started a project we call “The Cinematic”, the progress of which you can find here. I also plan on working on some projects of my own, and will begin on those begin March.

Most of the projects I made at school are found here on my website. So please enjoy watching some videos and don’t forget to read how the videos came to be and what I learned from them.


I try to learn as many programs as I can to become a true generalist. And also just want to work with the best programs that are available. My school makes this a lot easier as it is open to licence request, as long as I support my case. But most programs also have a free student version which is sufficient for the basics.

The Programs I’m focussing on at the moment are:


I love to sculpt. Not just Characters and creatures, but also to quickly model something. I would speedsculpt the model and if I was happy with it retopologize it. I’m not very good at box modeling so this way I’d be done much quicker. I am also learning to use the Zmodeler brush to improve hard surface modelling.


I found the program just a couple weeks ago and can’t find enough time to really play with it. I love doing some quick look development on cool ideas. On my current project I planned some weeks in january where I can take the time to really get to know the program. Until then I’m only going to improve our previs day by day.


Houdini is one of the hardest programs I ever worked with. A real challenge for me. In the coming year I planned a couple months to improve my houdini skills. Starting with RBD distruction, following with fire and smoke dynamics and finally water simulations.


Autodesk Maya0%

My main poligonal modeling program is maya. Skilled in only Arnold.


Sidefx Houdini0%

My main dynamics/simulation program is Houdini.


The Foundry Nuke0%

My main compositing program is Nuke. I’m also skilled in Adobe After Effects


The Foundry Mari0%

My main texturing program is Mari. But I’m also looking into substance painter.


Pixologic Zbrush0%

My main sculpting program is Zbrush. I also have experience with keyshot.


3D Equalizer0%

My main tracking program.



The program where I model all trees


Marvelous Designer0%

The program where I model all clothes


Isotropix Clarisse iFX0%

A program I’m currently using in a project


Unfold 3D0%

My main uving program


After Effects0%

The program that introduced me to VFX


Adobe Photoshop0%

I know the program well. But Matte Painting and Concept Art are not on my list of skills


Adobe Illustrator0%

From my time as a Graphic Designer. It’s been a while


Adobe Indesign0%

From my time as a Graphic Designer. Still use it for all my papers.

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